Oregon CUSD is conducting a free Preschool Screening for all children turning 3 or 4 before September 1st INTERESTED in attending Oregon Elementary Preschool. The purpose of the screening is to provide parents with an indicator of their child’s readiness for school and identify children who may benefit from early childhood services.

All children must be screened and qualify in order to attend the Oregon Elementary Preschool.





Monday, March 15

8:20am – 2:30pm

Oregon Elementary School

Tuesday, March 16

12:00pm – 6:30pm

Oregon Elementary School

Wednesday, March 17

8:20am – 2:30pm

Oregon Elementary School

Thursday, March 18

8:20am – 12:40pm

Oregon Elementary School


Please call Oregon Elementary School at (815) 732-5300 ext. 2902 to schedule your appointment.

On February 17th, 4-4:30pm via Zoom, the Mt. Morris Public Library presents The Virual Concert: Space! The Cosmos for Kids!  This techno-space-dance-party for kids and teens is designed to help them learn and have fun at the same time. For more information, check out the flyer below.  

The Virtual Concert


Below are questions that teachers have had regarding remote learning. If you need assistance, and your question is not below, please contact your child's teacher.
1. What do I do if I am having technology difficulties?
           Please contact your child's teacher. If the problem is still not resolved, our tech department will be contacted.
2. What time does attendance need to be done?
           Attendance on ASYNCHRONOUS days (November 20/24) will be completed by your child doing work assigned by 1:00. It does not have to be all of the work by 1:00.
           Attendance on SYNCHRONOUS days (all the others) is completed by the teacher during the first Google Meet of the day. If your child is not able to make the first Meet due to a conflict, you will need to contact the teacher.
 3. When will the work be due?
           All assignments that are assigned will be completed and turned in on the due date given by the teacher. This information should be available from your teacher's Google Classroom or by contacting the teacher.
 4. Am I able to come to the office or pick-up/drop-off items?
          Yes, the office will be open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm every day. Many items will be left in the foyer as they have been throughout the year. Please look for your child's grade. It is important that you know your child's teacher's name.
 5. How does my child meet with their specials teachers?
          All of the teachers have a Google Meet link on the special's teacher classroom. The students will need to leave their homeroom teacher's link and go to their special teacher for the day.
 6. If my child or someone in the household/close contact is showing symptoms, getting tested or positive for COVID, do I need to let the school nurse know?
         YES, Dr. Mahoney will send an email out on Friday referencing this.
 7. Can my child have their screen split in order to see the Google Meet and a video, document, Kahoot, etc. at the same time?
         Yes, a link to a tutorial for this is below.
 8. How does an assignment get marked as complete/done?
        When you click an assignment the words MARK AS DONE will show up in blue on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on that. If it's not showing up, please contact the teacher.

November 18, 2020

OES Families-

As per Dr. Mahoney’s email, beginning Thursday, November 19th, we will implement our remote learning plan. This plan has been communicated by your child’s teacher. If you have not received this, please reach out to them. All students K-6th grade will be coming home with a Chromebook, charger and any other supplies that are necessary for learning during our remote time. You will no longer need to certify and or take attendance on Power School during our remote learning instruction. Attendance will be taken by the teachers on synchronous days through the students attending the Google Meet, and on asynchronous days through work being completed by 1:00.

As a reminder asynchronous learning is when there is no live teaching with the teacher or other students. Synchronous learning is when the teacher and other students are learning in a live matter together, i.e. Google Meet.

The office will be open from 7-4 as normal if you have questions. You will be receiving an email from our Food Services Director regarding lunch pick-up. We will have an asynchronous learning day on Tuesday, November 24th still and tentatively we plan to still hold our synchronous day on December 11th.

All devices, chargers and materials will need to be returned on December 3rd when we return to on-site learning.

Thursday, November 19th – Synchronous Learning

Friday, November 20th – Asynchronous Learning

Monday, November 23rd – Synchronous

Tuesday, November 24th – Asynchronous

Wednesday, November 25th – no school

Thursday, November 26th – no school

Friday, November 27th – no school

Monday, November 30th – Synchronous

Tuesday, December 1st – Synchronous

Wednesday, December 2nd – Synchronous

Thursday, December 3rd – Back to in-person

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher as well as the office if necessary.

Thank you,

Mrs. Virgil

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