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Parent Portal

OCUSD is pleased to provide two portals for accessing your students' information online.  These two systems work together, but parents and guardians must have accounts in both platforms to see all of the information about their students.
PowerSchool is our student information system (SIS).  PowerSchool is the primary location for recording attendance, current grades, report cards, discipline, and demographic information.  Our summer online registration program is embedded inside the PowerSchool parent portal.  Access to PowerSchool is usually created for families when they register their students for school.  If you need to obtain user credentials for PowerSchool, please contact your child's school.
Schoology is our learning management system (LMS).  Schoology is the platform where teachers share learning resources with student and families, including online assignments, electronic text books, digital assessments, and more.  Details on how to log into Schoology can be found inside the PowerSchool parent portal.  After logging in, click the Schoology button on the left and follow the steps to create your account or attach additional students to an existing Schoology account.  Access codes for each of your attached students can be found on this page.
Here is where you can find different resources in each platform:
Resource PowerSchool Schoology
Online assignments   ✔️
Grades All assignments and final grades Only digital/online assignments
Participating in online lessons and activities   ✔️
Attendance ✔️  
Online Registration / Fee Payment ✔️  
Report Card ✔️  
Checking Missing Assignments ✔️ Only digital/online assignments
Updating emergency notification preferences ✔️  
Web Address (Parents and Guardians)